The Compassionate
Friends of Rockville Centre
Member Contacts

Newsletter Editor
Elaine Stillwell (516)766-4682

Newsletter Mailing:
Diane and John Scotton

Lending Library:
Mary Giorgio

Sign in Table
Diane Scotton
Loretta Finnegan
and helpers

Loretta and Sean Finnegan
Lisa Keller

New Member Contact:
Elise Folk
Helene Horodnicki

Information, inquiries
Elaine and Joe Stillwell

Anne Marie Maiorana
Nancy Gong

Meeting Helpers:
Helen Orr
Mary Giorgio
Mary Ameruso
Denise Sher

Now Childless Contact:
Ellen Pontecorvo (516) 670-0124

Social Committee:
Diane Scotton
Barbara Perrin
Elaine Stillwell
Laura Ameruso

Setting Up:
Ron Orr
Nancy and Eugene Gong
Henry Yee
and helpful volunteers

Suicide Contact:
Anne Marie Maiorana (516) 868-1576

TCF of RVC web site:
Eileen and Ken Jackson (704)660-7037
Adult Sibling Group
(ages 18 and above)
Theresa Pellegrino
Siblings Greeter: Laura Ameruso (917) 913-5906